Essential Tools

Essential Tools

OpenCart™ Overclocked Edition is a fully self-contained shopping cart and does not need any extra software to run. If you are happy with the default setup, then this page will not be of interest to you, but most of us want to personalise our websites and that is when this selection of free software tools comes into play. From Local Servers to Link Checkers, all these tools have a free version and will help you customise your OpenCart™ Overclocked Edition website to make it unique and beautiful!

Disclaimer: We do not support, maintain, promote or recommend the following softwares in any way! There are plenty more similar tools on the internet you can choose to use. Install and use these softwares at your own risks.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Name Type System Link
Core FTP FTP program for Windows Get it!
Filezilla FTP program Multi-platform Get it!

Archive Managers

Name Type System Link
PeaZip Archive Extractor/Compressor Get it!
The Unarchiver Archive Extractor/Compressor Get it!

Code Editors

Name Type System Link
Notepad++ Multi-format Code Editor Get it!

Paint Programs

Name Type System Link
Paint.NET Multi-format Image Editor Get it!

Link Checkers

Name Type System Link
Xenu Link Sleuth Link Tester/Checker Get it!

Local Servers

Name Type System Link
WAMP Local Web Server Get it!
XAMPP Local Web Server Get it!
MAMP Local Web Server Get it!

If any of these links are broken, please let us know here.

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