Custom Menu Manager

Custom Menu Manager allows you to build one or more menus.

The Custom Menu builder is located under: System > Design > Menus

It works like this:
- First, you build a menu using Url Links, internal or external, using 2 levels of category, top and sub.
- Second, you install and configure a "Menu Module" in your Modules list.

By default there are two menu modules in the module list. "Menu Horizontal" and "Menu Vertical".
Both of these can use the custom menus created with the Custom Menu Manager.

The "Menu Horizontal" has three theme options: Clear, Dark or Custom colour. It can be placed in all "Content" positions: Header, Top, Bottom or Footer.
The "Menu Vertical" uses the style from the active template. It can be placed in both "Column" positions.

The advantage of the Custom Menu Manager is it's flexibility:
- Menus can be different on every page!
- Third party modules can be used!
- Multiple Menus can be placed on the same page!

The Custom Menu Manager and the Menu Modules are quick-linked so you can navigate directly from one to the other.


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