Seo Url Manager

The Seo Url Manager is a tool to setup "seo url re-write" for any page in your store.

As we know, by Opencart default, certain pages cannot be re-written. It is the case for pages like "Home" (common/home), "Contact Us" (information/contact), and so on ...

With Seo Url Manager you now can!

For versions v1.7.x, the renaming of the "htaccess" file is done automatically, but if you are using a 1.6.x version of OpenCart Overclocked Edition you still have to do the manual method explained below.

There are still certain rules to follow:
- The file ".htaccess.txt" must be renamed ".htaccess" at the root of your website.
- The re-written name must be unique, must not contain any spaces (spaces must be replaced by "-");
- Dynamic pages, like "Search" or any page that contains sorting, ordering and filters cannot be Seo Url-ed, as the search string (url) would break, resulting in a HTTP 404 error!

Still, this is a great tool for all set pages in your store, and if you use Seo Url re-write of course.


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