Image Managers

The default Image Manager is an essential tool and has been present in Opencart for a long time.

In Opencart Overclocked Edition, it comes in two flavours:
- the standard modal version, that is required to add images to products and other content.
- the full page version, new to Opencart Overclocked Edition.

Both versions have exactly the same functionalities and contain many improvements compared to the Official Opencart version.

They feature 2 types of uploading system: single file (default) and multi-files, using the excellent Plupload jQuery script. Thanks to the Plupload script, store owners can upload large files, in chunks, very easily. Each version of Image Manager also have added features, like "remember last position", "collapse all" and "expand all", and 3 viewing modes (thumbs, mini and text). Both also feature a new jsTree custom theme that makes navigation easier than ever before!

File formats, as of version 1.6.2, have also been extended to support more types of files.
The formats are: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, zip, rar, pdf, swf, flv.

As of version 1.8.4, even more formats were added.
The extra formats are: mp3, mp4, oga, ogv, ogg, webm, m4a, m4v, wav, wma, wmv.

All these formats will now be accepted inside your library.


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