Database Manager

Database Manager is almost an everyday tool.

It allows the store owner to do 3 things, accessing the database directly.

The first one is to "optimise" the database. This is a regular maintenance operation that clean the accumulating "overhead" on certain frequently accessed tables in the database.

The second one is "repair" the database. This is a much less frequent operation since optimising will generally do the job anyway. In some rare dramatic cases it could be very useful.

The third one is a database table "engine converter", that allows you to convert the engine that reads your tables from the default "MyISAM" to the "InnoDB" table engine. This tool works both ways but shouldn't be abused. The great advantage of this tool is that it can "re-align" all your tables under the same engine, instead of having a mixture of engines, as it is sometimes the case with certain third party extensions that install the wrong engine in your database.


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