Offers Manager

Offers Manager is a complexe tool that allows you to create promotions and offers between 2 products.

Offers are classified in 4 Groups:
- Product to Product (P2P)
- Product to Category (P2C)
- Category to Product (C2P)
- Category to Category (C2C)

Each group is independent from the other, but all can be managed centrally from the Offers Manager.

Each offer is setup individually in the group it belongs to and use a percentage discount or a fixed amount.

Here is a quick example:
Case "Buy 1 get 1 free" (buy 1 product and get another identical product free)
> Go to the group "Product to Product" > Insert
> Select a product 1
> Select a product 2 same as product 1
> put "100" (%) or the exact price if you prefer (Fixed Amount).
> Select a Start date and an End date
> enable

The newly created offer will then be displayed in the Offers Manager.

There are many combinations possible, but only between 2 products or categories of products. Offers like "3 for 2" are not supported (yet).

From the customer point of view, products on offer are tagged on every product page and in every product related module. In the main product information page, a new Tab will appear at the bottom, if that product belongs to an offer. The Tab will display the corresponding product the offer works with, with a description of the type of deal that applies. A single product can be part of multiple deals.
When adding the correct number of products in the Shopping Cart, including products from different offers, All valid offers will be re-calculated and the discount will be applied to the total to pay, including the taxes if the option has been selected for that offer. The amount charged will be the total re-calculated, including coupons, shipping and any other order total.

Once a purchase has been made, the discount from the offers will show on the Customer's invoice, and will show in the customer's history as well.


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