Opencart Overclocked Edition adds 14 extra modules to the 19 modules already present in 1.5.6.x.

- Also Bought (added in v1.8.0)
- Html (x10)
- Links
- Location
- Manufacturer (added in v1.8.1)
- Media Player (added in v1.8.4)
- Menu Horizontal (added in v1.7.0)
- Menu Vertical (added in v1.7.0)
- News
- Palette (added in v1.11.0)
- Popular
- Tagcloud
- Skype (added in v1.7.2)
- Viewed (added in v1.8.0)

Links, Location, Menu Horizontal, Menu Vertical, News and Palette modules are working with their respectives managers under the Administration, while Also Bought, Html, Manufacturer, Popular, Tagcloud, Skype and Viewed are completely autonomous.

For versions 1.8.x and 1.9.x only:
A new module system was introduced in v1.8.0 where the module appearance can be changed at the click of a button, when using the "Default" template.
Most modules are composed of 2 parts: a header and a content part. Each part can now be setup differently to personalise your website easily, using 32 predefined colours and 6 predefined box rounding styles. A "clear" colour is available (since v1.8.2) to provide transparency if needed. This feature is dependent of the template being used. It is standard with the "Default" template but not systematically available in custom themes, as it can be bypassed by the developer if he/she wish to do so.


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