Overclocked Edition speed tests

Overclocked Edition speed tests

WOW! "Your website is faster than 83% of all tested websites". What a result!

Following the release of my latest version of Opencart Overclocked Edition, I wanted to run a few speed tests to check the results of over 9 months of development on the project. Well, I knew I had made some good improvements to the code, but I wasn't expecting such a good result! So, today I would like to share those results with all of you. First there is a little summary of my actual system (MySQLi and PHP versions), then my Demo store settings (Gzip, Seo-Url Rewrite, etc...), and then a few screenshots below for quick viewing, but you can run your own tests too if you want to of course.

Page test websites:

Server Information:
MySQL version: 5.5.38 (with MySQLi extension)
PHP version: 5.6.7

OpenCart Information:
Version: Overclocked Edition v1.6.4
Seo-url rewrite: Enabled
Htaccess: Custom, available from the Master on GitHub
Gzip level: 9

Url tested:

Pingdom result!

GTMetrix result!

Webpagetest result!

There are obviously some little differences between the three tests, and of course these results could be all together totally different on other servers with different settings. At the end of the day, website speed is not everything. It is clearly very important and bad results shouldn't be ignored, but "content", I think, is more important, as there is no point in having the fastest site if there is nothing in it!

Opencart Overclocked Editions are getting better and better with every new version released. The next one should be tagged v1.7.0 and should be even faster ... we will see.

As usual, you can leave your remarks and comments below. Thank you.

Philippe M. (villagedefrance)


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