Patches for OCE are available !

Patches for OCE are available !

If you are running one of my Overclocked Edition (OCE) of Opencart, v1.6.3 or v1.6.2, I would strongly suggest you check the new download page Here.

Some bugs have been found and have been fixed.
The patches are now available for you to download.
They have also been added to the Master at GitHub.

Since these bugs are not justifying a full new version release, I chose to create this new page because it is a much simpler way to keep your existing setup up-to-date, without the need of a complete new install of OCE. This new feature will help everybody I hope, by limiting the number of releases which creates to much confusion at times. In this way, when bugs are found they can be dealt with, quickly and efficiently.

If you have found some bugs, even if you are not sure they actually are bugs or not, don't hesitate to report them to me, either by using the contact form or directly on GitHub or even in the comments below. I'm certainly not perfect and I do make mistakes, so I won't ignore your comments and I will do my best to reply to them. In the end, we all want this great tool to work flawlessly for us, so feel free !


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