Discover NivoCart!

Discover NivoCart!


NivoCart is the logical evolution of Overclocked Edition (OCE). While still offering all the great features of OCE, it has been trimmed down by losing the OpenBay Pro™ modification which had become deprecated and buggy since the introduction of PHP 7.x.x. By becoming "lighter", NivoCart has become stronger, focusing even more on the essential stuff such as security and speed.

NivoCart now requires PHP 7.0.0 as a minimum requirement. NivoCart also uses jQuery 2.2.4 (not 3.3.1 anymore!) to insure better compatibility with older jQuery scripts and to keep a stronger relation with jQuery UI v1.12.1. As with OCE, NivoCart doesn't use any framework (Bootstrap) or template engine (Twig). Everything in NivoCart is pure PHP, Html5, CSS3 and javascript. NivoCart is more than ever 100% self-contained and can be installed without any dependency, which is becoming very rare nowadays.

The beauty of NivoCart is that it puts the store owner in complete control of its online business, and of course, it is 100% FREE!



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