OpenCart v1.10.0

OpenCart v1.10.0

OpenCart™ Overclocked Edition v1.10.0 is now available to download!

This major release brings support for PHP7.1+ and some new very interesting features, such as Custom Product Labels and a currency based Fidelity Points system. With a revamped Administration and some stylesheet improvements for the front-end, this latest revision of OCE is faster and more powerful than the previous OCE v1.9.x series.

Very much designed with the store administrator in mind, the improved Administration offers more useful features and quick links than before, giving the user total control over the shop and the content.

OpenCart™ Overclocked Edition has reach a new level in user friendliness, safety, flexibility and compatibility.

You can preview it by visiting our Demo page.

The Villagedefrance Forum is also always open for any questions you may have.



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