Overclocked Edition 1.8.0

Overclocked Edition 1.8.0

The Latest version of Opencart Overclocked Edition is out now!

Version 1.8.0 is a major release, with many changes in both Admin and Catalog. You will notice instantly the improved Dashboard (see screenshot) with the world map, and very quickly you will find all the new and updated great features of this Edition. Here are some of the more important changes:

- The Default Theme has been modified to offer colour and shape customisation on-the-fly! This feature applies to the page background and content, as well as the Footer, all the Modules, including the Horizontal Menu. This modification allows shop owners to personalise their stores quickly without the need of adding a custom template. Of course adding a custom template is still possible, as before, but please be aware that themes designed for v1.7.X will not work on the new v1.8.X without adjustments.

- All existing Payment Methods have been re-worked and 15 new ones have been added! Thanks to Gob33 for a brilliant job on porting the majority of the official OpenCart™ v2.X payment extensions into Overclocked Edition. We also added some extra ones too, to bring the total to 47!

- Three new Shipping methods have been added: Airmail, DHL and TNT. These are generic non official extensions, not country dependant, they do not include tracking. Still, they are flexible enough to be configured for your local pricing requirements.

- Three new modules have been added: Also Bought, Manufacturer and Viewed.

- The Affiliate account features have been re-worked and improved, in both Catalog and Admin. Thanks again to Gob33 for his contribution here too!

Scripts have been updated. Overclocked Edition v1.8.0 now runs on jQuery 1.12.4, in tune with jQuery UI 1.12.0 and with the help of jQuery Migrate 1.4.1 to preserve compatibility for older scripts. CKEditor has moved up to version 4.5.10, the current latest. A couple of new scripts have been inserted too, like jQvmap, cssChart and MarkItUp.

Finally, this version includes many bug fixes, in OpenBay Pro (which has also been updated to the latest version), in Express Checkout, in Import/Export XLSX tool, and many other places, making this latest Edition stronger than ever before!

Feel free to test and comment.


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