Latest v1.7.6 is out now!

Latest v1.7.6 is out now!

This latest version is essentially v1.7.5 but better. Nothing radical has been added, just a few general improvements, some updated scripts and many bug fixes.

Among the little list of improvements, one of the most noticeable is the way invoices are now presented, with tax amount and tax rate for each item in the cart, and the new ability to print the stationary directly to your printer, using iframe. Another little technical amelioration is the option to update the countries and zones when upgrading to a new version.

Regarding the new scripts in v1.7.6, something happened in the jQuery world in the last few weeks that is quite important. For over a year jQuery v1.11.3 had been the main release, but recently, not one, but four new releases v1.12.x were published, culminating with v1.12.3 at the time of writing. OCE v1.7.6 now runs this last version of jQuery.
Another updated script is "Colorbox", which for some odd reasons I never had a chance to update before. This is now done and OCE now features the latest Colorbox v1.6.3.

Finally, bug fixes. It is funny how everytime I publish a new release I always think that I've got all the angles covered. The sad reality is that it is almost impossible, when dealing with so many files, to be 100% sure. This is where you guys are so important to the project. By reporting every issue, small or critical, to me directly by email or through GitHub, you are making a great contribution to the project. Once identified, I am usually able to fix those issues and then make sure they don't find their way into the next version.
So I would like to take this opportunity today, to thank all of you that take the time to send feedback.

OCE v1.7.6 is out now and I hope you will find it useful.


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