Version 1.7.5 released!

Version 1.7.5 released!

Opencart Overclocked Edition v1.7.5 is faster, easier and much safer than the previous releases.

It features improved and optimized caching of pages in both Administration and Catalog. Efficient caching is fine tuning because not all caching is beneficial. The balance has to be right since only large static cache is ultimately useful when navigating a website. Also, a good caching is not just about creating new files, it is also deleting them correctly when they are no longer needed or the content has changed. This is optimization which results in an almost flawless navigation in Opencart Overclocked Edition.

It also facilitates the management of many everyday tasks thanks to a better cross-linking between functions under the Administration. Improved lists and forms to save precious time and help the administrators make the correct decisions. All in Opencart Overclocked Edition is designed to make managing a store more intuitive and stress free.

Security has been the main focus in this release. The new "IP Range Blocker" will help you protect your site against spammers and other non genuine connections that are using your server's bandwidth for nothing. All recorded blocked IPs will be automatically re-directed to a static webpage without any links, outside your store. This system has help me protect my own website against spammers by reducing brute force connections to my server by at least 90%! In order to make good use of this new tool, it is recommended to activate the default Opencart feature "Track Customer Online" and regularly monitor the "Customer Online" report to identify the IP addresses of potentially fraudulent connections.
Please note that the "IP Range Blocker" is completely independent from the Customer Ban IP feature, which only apply to specific registered customers.
To strengthen security even further, I added a System File Integrity Checker to verify that all required system files are present where they should be, but more importantly, to check if any other "unknown" file (the trojan kind) has been injected by some malicious individual inside the system folders.

All in all, Opencart Overclocked Edition has reached a greater level of maturity with this latest release. The code has never been so clean and solid, the look and feel has never been so sleek, and the security has never been so strong.

I hope you will enjoy Opencart Overclocked Edition v1.7.5 has much as I enjoyed making it.


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