New Responsive Theme!

New Responsive Theme! is now responsive!
The new theme has been designed to adapt to the following screen resolutions: 480px for Smartphones, 640 and 768 pixels for Tablets, and 980px for Desktops as per default. The smaller screen resolution of 320px is partly visible, but was not practical for pages containing tables and forms. In fact, the 320px resolution is effectively 360 pixels. This was necessary in order to preserve image scalability accross all screen sizes.

As we all know, responsiveness comes with compromises. There are too many different screen resolutions nowadays and designing pages for all is almost impossible. So choices have to be made to cover most cases but on some devices the site could look offset, or worse case scenario, break. Added features like responsive tabs will help making sure the content is accessible on small screens. Intensive testing in the last couple of weeks has been successful, so the site pages should behave correctly in most situations.

Responsive Design is kind of a new thing for me, I'm not a great template/theme designer by all means. I know enough to make decent "static" themes but one must live with its age, and responsiveness is now a requirement and not just an option anymore, so I had to get a grip with it. The plan is now for me to make every new project I start, responsive from the beginning. I will keep you posted on my future project ...

If you experience graphical glitches while navigating the site, please don't hesitate to report them. Thank you!



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