Discover NivoCart!
NIVOCART IS THE NEW OVERCLOCKED EDITION ! NivoCart is the logical evolution of Overclocked Edition (OCE). While still offering all the great features of OCE, it has been trimmed down by losing the OpenBay Pro™ m..
V1.11.0 is ready!
OpenCart™ Overclocked Edition v1.11.0 is finally here! Nearly eight months since the last release and more than 430 commits making this version the most advanced to date. The main changes in v1.11.0 are based ar..
OpenCart v1.10.0
OpenCart™ Overclocked Edition v1.10.0 is now available to download! This major release brings support for PHP7.1+ and some new very interesting features, such as Custom Product Labels and a currency based Fideli..
Overclocked v1.9.X
This latest release of OpenCart™ Overclocked Edition features the most important visual changes for the last two years. While the core files have not changed that much, a completely new frontend "Default"..
Shopping made easy!
OpenCart Overclocked Edition v1.8.4 is out now and is better than ever! The last version for 2016 is a real gem, with more features, improved user friendliness and a stronger core. Some of the new exciting features in..
Overclocked Edition 1.8.0
The Latest version of Opencart Overclocked Edition is out now! Version 1.8.0 is a major release, with many changes in both Admin and Catalog. You will notice instantly the improved Dashboard (see screenshot) with the ..
New Forum is Live!
After many months of uncertainty I finally decided to start a Bulletin Board dedicated to Opencart Overclocked Edition. The objective is to provide a better and richer support to users and developers. Until now, the o..
Latest v1.7.6 is out now!
This latest version is essentially v1.7.5 but better. Nothing radical has been added, just a few general improvements, some updated scripts and many bug fixes. Among the little list of improvements, one of the most no..
Version 1.7.5 released!
Opencart Overclocked Edition v1.7.5 is faster, easier and much safer than the previous releases. It features improved and optimized caching of pages in both Administration and Catalog. Efficient caching is fine tuning..
French Language for OCE v1.7.1
Following the release of Opencart Overclocked Edition 1.7.1, a new French language pack was needed. This pack contains only minor changes compared to the previous 1.7.0 version. Still the changes are important enough ..
New Responsive Theme! is now responsive! The new theme has been designed to adapt to the following screen resolutions: 480px for Smartphones, 640 and 768 pixels for Tablets, and 980px for Desktops as per default. The smal..
Overclocked Edition speed tests
WOW! "Your website is faster than 83% of all tested websites". What a result! Following the release of my latest version of Opencart Overclocked Edition, I wanted to run a few speed tests to check the result..

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