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Package Tracking Service (Shipping Methods)

Package Tracking Service
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This extension adds the ability for you and your customers to follow the processing of packages after ordering.You record in history all the packages treatment stages through the use of predefined messages. This gives you a process to quickly respond to customer orders and returns, save and deploy repetitive custom responses to customers, but it can also be used strictly for internal use of comments.

In the extension administration area, you add, edit and delete custom messages, which can incorporate tags and clickable links to the carrier tracking page. On OC admin history page, you select through a dropdown the message you want to issue, and add eventually some package tracking numbers given by your carrier. Customers are noticed of your messages in their “My Account” page where they can click on tracking links in order's history, forwarding them directly to the carrier tracking page.


★ Unlimited different carriers with a custom logo for each (30+ predefined).
You can add, edit, delete and turn off / on your trackers.

★ Unlimited comment templates, with or without tracking infos (6 predefined).
Each comment template can be used for order or return history, or both.
Each can be restricted by shop and user group (for your staff).
Each can have an automatized carrier / notification / status by default.
☞ Supports many tags (short codes) and a programming framework.

★ All extension settings are easily accessible on a tab:
- You can scale your carriers logos for display.
- You can print on invoices all the order history with tracking numbers.
- You can enable a new "Last tracking" column in the orders list.

★ Direct backup / restore of your extension datas for safety.

★ An automatic INSTALLER/ UNINSTALLER / UPGRADER does correctly the dirty job for you in one click.

★ Accept MULTIPLE tracking numbers per shipment.
☞ Manage also the returns, by adding tracking numbers or messages in the return history

★ Predefined carriers are:

US, Canada & Global
ABF, Aramex, Canada Post, DHL, FedEx, NewPenn, Old Dominion, Purolator, TNT, USPS, UPS.

An Post, British Airways, CityLink,, FastWay, LowCost Parcels, Parcelforce, Royal Mail.

ACS Courier, Belgium Post, Bulgarian Posts, Ceska Posta, Chronopost, ColiPoste, Correos de España, Croatia Post, Danmark Post, DHL Deutschland, DPD,, ELTA Courier, Faroe Islands Posta, Finland Post, Geniki Taxydromiki, GLS Deutschland, GLS Europe, GLS France, Hermes, Íslandspóstur, Österreichische Post, KLM Cargo, La Poste Courrier, Mondial Relay, myHermes, Posta Romana, SpeedEx.

China & Hong Kong
China Post, EMS, Hong Kong Post.

India Post, Israel Post, Pos Malaysia, Russian Post, Singapore Cargo, SingPost, Skynet, Vietnam Post.

Australia & New Zealand
Australia Post, CourierPost, New Zealand Post, StarTrack, Toll Australia.

South America
Correios Brazil.

La Poste Tunisienne.

Tracking links can receive 2 parameters (package number and/or postcode) for an HTTP request with a GET method (no POST).

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Download Name Compatible Versions Action
package_tracking_service_OCE_1.8.x_20160710 v1.7.2.0, v1.7.3.0, v1.7.4.0, v1.7.5.0, v1.7.6.0, v1.8.0.0 Download
Full documentation is included in the extension.

Release notes:
2016-07-10: v6.1 Add some carrier tags.
2015-11-22: v6.0 Complete rewrite with multi-templates and compatibility with most html email extensions.
2015-11-20: v5.1 Renamed as "Lite" version. Will get replaced by v6.x.
2014-06-22: v5.1 Add postcode support in tracking links.
2014-05-08: v5.0 Add comment template system.
2014-04-29: Compatibility with Pro HTML Email
2014-03-27: Correction of conflict with Order Status Plus 1.5.X
2014-02-28: v4.4 Correction bug for last traking.
2014-02-12: v4.3 Automatization of order status and notification on entry.
2014-02-02: v4.2 Correction for last traking against modification of getOrderHistories().
2013-08-23: Correction of a small bug (2 variables with same name).
2013-07-16: Add a check box for printing notified only / all history lines on invoices.
2013-02-25: v4.0 Add an automatic installer in one click.
2013-02-03: Many corrections on returns.
2013-01-30: v3.0 - Add full support of package numbers in return history.
2013-01-22: Correction of error due to latest changes in Pro HTML Email & Editor 4.3.3
2012-11-26: Correction of one incompatibilty with Pro HTML Email.
2012-11-18: Add some carrier links.
2012-09-22: Compatibility with Shoppica 2.
2012-06-28: v2.0 - Add logos. Compatibility with Pro HTML Email 4.1.8
2012-05-16: Corrections for compatibility with Pro HTML Email 4.0.5
2012-05-03: Corrections for Opencart
2012-04-04: Add print of history and tracking infos on invoice.
2012-02-17: Add support for Pro HTML Email and Shoppica 1 theme.
2011-12-31:  v1.0 - Initial release.

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