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French Language Pack
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French translation (by hand and not google translate) for admin and front in UTF-8 format.
Demo products translated.
Correct French zones (departments and regions) according ISO 3166-2:FR can also be installed with a script.

☞ Note this extension is not free but all terms have been carefully translated and checked.
This is a quality complete translation, following the succesfull Opencart one.

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Download Name Compatible Versions Action
french_language_OCE_1.8.0_20160824 v1.8.0.0 Download
french_language_OCE_1.7.6_20160408 v1.7.6.0 Download
french_language_OCE_1.7.5_20160309 v1.7.5.0 Download
french_language_OCE_1.7.4_20160114 v1.7.4.0 Download
french_language_OCE_1.7.2_20160114 v1.7.2.0 Download
french_language_OCE_1.7.1_20151211 v1.7.1.0 Download
french_language_OCE_1.7.0_20150828 v1.7.0.0 Download
french_language_OCE_1.6.5.0_20150828 v1.6.5.0 Download
Full documentation in french/english is included.
As i was not satisfied with "official" french users translations, i created mine.
Many terms have been corrected, demo products and DB parameters are also translated.

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