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License: GNU GPLv3

Source Code: GitHub Repository

Minimum Requirements:

  • Linux/Windows Server (Apache Linux is preferred)
  • MySQL, MySQLi, PDO (MySQLi is preferred)
  • PHP 5.4+ (with MySQLi extension)
  • Curl extensions

Version File Size Published Action
Opencart v1.11.1.0 (OCE) 19.98MB 22/07/2018 Download
Opencart v1.11.0.0 (OCE) 19.99MB 15/05/2018 Download
Opencart v1.10.2.0 (OCE) 19.98MB 05/09/2017 Download
Opencart v1.10.1.0 (OCE) 20.03MB 21/08/2017 Download
Opencart v1.10.0.0 (OCE) 20.03MB 18/08/2017 Download
Opencart v1.9.4.0 (OCE) 17.04MB 15/06/2017 Download
Opencart v1.9.3.0 (OCE) 17.03MB 04/05/2017 Download
Opencart v1.9.2.0 (OCE) 16.99MB 31/03/2017 Download
Opencart v1.9.1.0 (OCE) 16.99MB 03/02/2017 Download
Opencart v1.9.0.0 (OCE) 16.68MB 31/01/2017 Download
Opencart v1.8.4.0 (OCE) 16.38MB 10/12/2016 Download
Opencart v1.8.3.0 (OCE) 16.39MB 28/10/2016 Download
Opencart v1.8.2.0 (OCE) 15.25MB 02/10/2016 Download
Opencart v1.8.1.0 (OCE) 15.12MB 26/08/2016 Download
Opencart v1.8.0.0 (OCE) 15.12MB 01/08/2016 Download
Opencart v1.7.6.0 (OCE) 12.43MB 07/04/2016 Download
Opencart v1.7.5.0 (OCE) 12.31MB 06/03/2016 Download
Opencart v1.7.4.0 (OCE) 12.25MB 08/01/2016 Download
Opencart v1.7.3.0 (OCE) 12.25MB 06/01/2016 Download
Opencart v1.7.2.0 (OCE) 12.24MB 29/11/2015 Download
Opencart v1.7.1.0 (OCE) 11.37MB 02/09/2015 Download
Opencart v1.7.0.0 (OCE) 11.35MB 18/08/2015 Download
Opencart v1.6.5.0 (OCE) 11.67MB 23/04/2015 Download
Opencart v1.6.4.0 (OCE) 11.66MB 25/03/2015 Download
Opencart v1.6.3.0 (OCE) 10.52MB 02/02/2015 Download
Opencart v1.6.2.0 (OCE) 10.15MB 29/11/2014 Download
Opencart v1.6.1.0 (OCE) 9.49MB 23/08/2014 Download
Opencart v1.6.0.0 (OCE) 9.48MB 30/07/2014 Download
Opencart v1.5.6.4 8.08MB 24/04/2014 Download
Opencart v1.5.6.1 8.18MB 07/11/2013 Download
Opencart v1.5.5.2 7.93MB 19/08/2013 Download
Opencart v1.5.5.1 7.66MB 22/01/2013 Download
Opencart v1.5.4.1 7.81MB 20/08/2012 Download
Opencart v1.5.3.1 7.84MB 29/05/2012 Download
Opencart v1.5.2.1 7.67MB 06/03/2012 Download
Opencart v1.5.1.3 8.01MB 30/11/2011 Download
Opencart v1.5.0.5 8.19MB 14/06/2011 Download
Opencart v1.4.9.6 6.01MB 24/07/2011 Download

Opencart v1.11.1.0 (OCE)

Non Official Release (Overclocked Edition)
Published : 22/07/2018

Change Log:
- Improved Catalog Search.
- Replaced SwipeBox with ViewBox.
- Added Digital Download Shipping.
- Added Ripple effect to Admin buttons.
- Bug fixes.


Opencart v1.11.0.0 (OCE)

Non Official Release (Overclocked Edition)
Published : 15/05/2018

Change Log:
- Upgraded to latest jQuery 3.3.1.
- Upgraded almost all Javascript libraries.
- Extensive code validation using Codacy.
- Added Composer.json and Packagist repo.
- Added Animate CSS for Admin pages.
- Added Administration event Notifications.
- Added Administration User Logs.
- Added FlexSlider for Slideshow and Banner.
- Added Banner clicks counter with report.
- Added Palette module (Search by color).
- Added new Abandoned Carts feature.
- Added Customer Wishlist products report.
- New Responsive Administration Login page.
- Stronger Server Security through .htaccess.
- Improved Invoicing and Sales documents.
- Piwik changed to new Matomo Analytics.
- Currency rates auto-update fixed.
- PHP 7.2+ improved support.
- GDPR compliance.
- bug fixes.

Opencart v1.10.2.0 (OCE)

Non Official Release (Overclocked Edition)
Published : 05/09/2017

Change Log:
- Updated Camera slideshow module.
- Updated Admin Theme manager.
- Updated News collapsible styles.
- Added CKEditor for Product Attributes.
- Removed MarkItUp script.
- bug fixes.

Opencart v1.10.1.0 (OCE)

Non Official Release (Overclocked Edition)
Published : 21/08/2017

Change Log:
- Updated CKEditor to v4.7.2.
- Updated SwipeBox to v1.4.4.
- bug fixes.

Opencart v1.10.0.0 (OCE)

Non Official Release (Overclocked Edition)
Published : 18/08/2017

Change Log:
- Admin Dashboard update.
- Encryption update (PHP 7.1+ support).
- Added Product custom labels system.
- Product status labels automatic resizing.
- Simplified Modules settings.
- Updated Plyr Media Player to v2.0.12.
- Updated Slick Carousel to v1.7.1.
- Updated DomPDF to v0.8.0 (PHP 7.1+ support).
- Updated CKEditor to v4.7.1.
- bug fixes.

Opencart v1.9.4.0 (OCE)

Non Official Release (Overclocked Edition)
Published : 15/06/2017

Change Log:
- Custom Admin theme manager.
- CKEditor update to v4.7.0.
- bug fixes.

Opencart v1.9.3.0 (OCE)

Non Official Release (Overclocked Edition)
Published : 04/05/2017

Change Log:
- News with extra features.
- YouTube videos for products.
- Split UK nations as Countries.
- Better Image Class library.
- PayM payment method.
- Bug fixes.

Opencart v1.9.2.0 (OCE)

Non Official Release (Overclocked Edition)
Published : 31/03/2017

Change Log:
- Admin themes improvements.
- Stronger Session Class.
- Bug fixes.

Opencart v1.9.1.0 (OCE)

Non Official Release (Overclocked Edition)
Published : 03/02/2017

Change Log:
- Fixes several bugs in v1.9.0.0.

Opencart v1.9.0.0 (OCE)

Non Official Release (Overclocked Edition)
Published : 31/01/2017

Change Log:
- New Catalog default theme.
- New Admin black theme.
- Font-awesome v4.7.0.
- Paypal Express update.
- Improved News list page.
- CKEditor v4.6.2.
- Removed page timer.
- bug fixes.

Opencart v1.8.4.0 (OCE)

Non Official Release (Overclocked Edition)
Published : 10/12/2016

Change Log:
- New Ajax Search!
- New Media Player!
- File Manager update.
- Plupload v2.2.1.
- CKEditor v4.6.0.
- PHP 5.4+ as new minimum.
- bug fixes.

Opencart v1.8.3.0 (OCE)

Non Official Release (Overclocked Edition)
Published : 28/10/2016

Change Log:
- Added Font Awesome.
- Added Admin menu icons.
- Added Fancybox Plus.
- Updated Slick to v1.6.0.
- PHP 7.0+ support.
- Bug fixes.

Note: the template system has changed and the default modules have been updated.
All third party modules prior to v1.8.3 will not work properly and must be upgraded.

Opencart v1.8.2.0 (OCE)

Non Official Release (Overclocked Edition)
Published : 02/10/2016

Change Log:
- Full SSL support in Catalog.
- New One Page Checkout!
- New product labels system.
- Improved PayPal Express.
- Robots tracking report.
- CKEditor 4.5.11 Full.
- Improved Search.
- Bug fixes.

Opencart v1.8.1.0 (OCE)

Non Official Release (Overclocked Edition)
Published : 26/08/2016

Change Log:
- Product custom fields.
- Major PHP code validation.
- Bug fixes.

Opencart v1.8.0.0 (OCE)

Non Official Release (Overclocked Edition)
Published : 01/08/2016

Change Log:
- jQuery updated to v1.12.4.
- jQuery UI updated to v1.12.0.
- Added DomPDF library for PDF document downloads.
- Added custom Colour & Style for all modules and footer.
- New and updated payment methods. Thanks Gob33!
- Improved Affiliates features. Thanks Gob33!
- New Api Keys management forms!
- New Supplier management forms!
- New improved Cookie Consent code.
- New Modules and Shipping methods.
- Added Piwik code field in Settings.
- Added Customer Group image.
- Updated Google Maps feature.
- Fixed Product RSS Feed.
- Essential bug fixes ...

Opencart v1.7.6.0 (OCE)

Non Official Release (Overclocked Edition)
Published : 07/04/2016

Change Log:
- Added direct printing of invoices.
- Added Country and Zone update on upgrade.
- Improved invoicing, with tax breakdown.
- jQuery updated to v1.12.3.
- Essential bug fixes ...

Opencart v1.7.5.0 (OCE)

Non Official Release (Overclocked Edition)
Published : 06/03/2016

Change Log:
- Added Ip Range blocker (firewall).
- Added autocomplete for offers.
- Moved EU Taxes in core files.
- TimePicker Addon updated to v1.5.0.
- Stronger Session & Captcha Classes.
- Improved upgrade script.
- Bug Fixes ...

Opencart v1.7.4.0 (OCE)

Non Official Release (Overclocked Edition)
Published : 08/01/2016

Change Log:
- Code Standards.
- Bug Fixes ...

Opencart v1.7.3.0 (OCE)

Non Official Release (Overclocked Edition)
Published : 06/01/2016

Change Log:
- Added EU taxes for E-medias Law.
- Added received orders in dashboard graph.
- Added Seo-Urls cache. Thanks skyosev!
- Improved GUI.
- Bug Fixes ...

Opencart v1.7.2.0 (OCE)

Non Official Release (Overclocked Edition)
Published : 29/11/2015

Change Log:
- Extended Import/Export Tool.
- Admin User Agent detector.
- Customer Order Picklist.
- Customer Order History.
- Customer Gender and Date of Birth (optional).
- Product Minimum Age limit.
- Improved Quoting system.
- Module Skype Talk/Chat.
- Report Profit Margins.
- Report Stock Levels.
- Improved Database support.
- Improved GUI.
- Bug fixes ...

Opencart v1.7.1.0 (OCE)

Non Official Release (Overclocked Edition)
Published : 02/09/2015

Change Log:
- Added Colours for Product.
- Improved File Managers.
- Improved Customer Accounts.
- Improved Affiliate Accounts.
- Better Responsive Stylesheets.
- Bug fixes ...

Opencart v1.7.0.0 (OCE)

Non Official Release (Overclocked Edition)
Published : 18/08/2015

Change Log:
- Custom Menu System.
- Custom Footer System.
- Responsive Default Theme.
- Template Control System.
- VQmod and VQmanager.
- Improved Upgrade script.
- Improved Install script.
- CKEditor 4.5.1 full + plugins.
- Multi-language Manufacturers.
- Multi-language Countries.
- Latest jQuery & jQuery UI.
- FraudLabs Pro integration.
- Option "Free" for zero prices.
- Option "Get a Quote" for products.
- GUI and Code improvements.
- Bug fixes.

Opencart v1.6.5.0 (OCE)

Non Official Release (Overclocked Edition)
Published : 23/04/2015

Change Log:
- All relevant OC Community Edition RC2 fixes applied.
- Improved Express Checkout.
- Product Profit Report added.
- Product Cost Price value added.
- System Classes updated.
- Bug fixes.
- Code Improvements.

Opencart v1.6.4.0 (OCE)

Non Official Release (Overclocked Edition)
Published : 22/03/2015

Change Log:
- Express Checkout.
- All Product Wall page.
- Custom Payment labels.
- Import/Export tables (CSV).
- Contact us Email log.
- Improved Installer.
- Improved Captcha.
- Improved Dashboard.
- Bug fixes ...

Opencart v1.6.3.0 (OCE)

Non Official Release (Overclocked Edition)
Published : 02/02/2015

jQuery 1.11.2 & CKEditor 4.4.7.
See our Features page for more details.

Opencart v1.6.2.0 (OCE)

Non Official Release (Overclocked Edition)
Published : 29/11/2014

Many new features and improvements.
See our Features page for details.

Opencart v1.6.1.0 (OCE)

Non Official Release (Overclocked Edition)
Published : 23/08/2014

New Admin interface and more added features.

Opencart v1.6.0.0 (OCE)

Non Official Release (Overclocked Edition)
Published : 30/07/2014

Complete rework of version, upgraded jQuery to 1.11.1.
Some added features.

Opencart v1.5.6.4

Official Release
Published : 24/04/2014
Popularity : 4-stars
Currently the best 1.5 version so far.

Opencart v1.5.6.1

Official Release
Published : 07/11/2013
Popularity : 5-stars
Version 1.5.6 cleaned-up and improved.

Opencart v1.5.5.2

Non Official Release
Published : N/A
Popularity : 3-stars
This version was only available from Github. This is v1.5.6 without Openbay Pro.

Opencart v1.5.5.1

Official Release
Published : 22/01/2013
Popularity : 4-stars
The longest lasting release !

Opencart v1.5.4.1

Official Release
Published : 20/08/2012
Popularity : 5-stars
First Html 5 version !

Opencart v1.5.3.1

Official Release
Published : 29/05/2012
Popularity : 5-stars
The Golden Age of Opencart 1.5 !

Opencart v1.5.2.1

Official Release
Published : 06/03/2012
Popularity : 4-stars
Better than but not enough to justify a website upgrade.

Opencart v1.5.1.3

Official Release
Published : 30/11/2011
Popularity : 5-stars
Second generation multi-layouts. Technically, this is version

Opencart v1.5.0.5

Official Release
Published : 14/06/2011
Popularity : 2-stars
Features the first implementation of multi-layouts. A big step from !

Opencart v1.4.9.6

Official Release
Published : 24/07/2011
Popularity : 3-stars
The last 1.4.x.x version. Uses set layouts.

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