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Currency Pack 1.5.6
Currency Pack 1.5.6     This Currency Module Pack is designed to offer a complete Currency Exchange Rates solution for Opencart, for both the Administrator(s) and the Visitors. It contains 160 p..
Testimonial 1.5.6
Testimonial 1.5.6     1 Reviews Customer testimonials module for your store. Complete module displaying testimonials by date added or random. Includes a listing page with pagination and a submission for..
Social Pages 1.5.6
Social Pages 1.5.6     Social Pages module presents links to your Facebook, Twitter and Google + pages. It can be displayed in all positions as normal, or as a "float", attached to the left or ..
Sitemap Generator 1.5.6
Sitemap Generator 1.5.6     Sitemap Generator is a module to create/update XML, TXT and XML.GZ sitemaps! It generates sitemaps for Categories, Products, Manufacturers and Information pages, using th..
Email Viewer 1.5.6
Email Viewer 1.5.6     Email Viewer is a "Contact Us" page email viewer with the ability to send Quick Replies. Every time a customer sends a request through your "Contact Us" form, the message..
Webutation 1.5.6
Webutation 1.5.6     The Webutation module allows you to place your Webutation's badge on any page of your website. Very easy to use, simply get your script from and paste ..
Banner Category 1.5.6
Banner Category 1.5.6     1 Reviews Always wanted to have a specific banner for each category in your store? Well, this is what Banner Category module is designed to do! It supports single or multiple image..
TagCloud 1.5.6
TagCloud 1.5.6     TagCloud Module displays a cloud of links based on product tags. It features its own database and tags must be generated manually. The size of the tags can be random or b..
SlideshowPlus 1.5.6
SlideshowPlus 1.5.6     SlideshowPlus is based on the Skitter Plugin. 36 stunning animations, with 2 random modes! 3 type of navigation controls: Numbers, Dots and Thumbs, with next and previous..
Article Manager 1.5.6
Article Manager 1.5.6     Articles Manager is a Content/Blog/News/Articles Manager with a Direct Download Manager, a Comment Manager, and a Full Page Image Manager. All self-contained into 1 modul..
Facebook Login 1.5.6
Facebook Login 1.5.6     2 Reviews Facebook Login is a Login/Register Account module using Facebook SDK. New customers can register quickly using their Facebook account or use the normal registration form...
Amazon Menu 1.5.6
Amazon Menu 1.5.6     Amazon Menu II is the Menu adapted for Opencart. Featuring its own image database, selectable category sections, keywords display, fully Left-to-Right / Right-..
News 1.5.6
News 1.5.6     9 Reviews This exclusive extension is a complete rework of the original "News/Blog" module by FidoX (and many other). The code has been further improved, minor bugs have been fixed..
Brands Menu 1.5.6
Brands Menu 1.5.6     Brands Menu is a dropdown "manufacturer" menu. It displays the manufacturer's logo when placed on the "Manufacturer" or "Product" pages. If placed on the "Home" page it w..
Follow Me 1.5.6
Follow Me 1.5.6     1 Reviews FollowMe is a simple Facebook/Twitter/Google+/LinkedIn/Pinterest/Tumblr follow link module for Opencart. FollowMe can be placed on any page, in any position and supports ..

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